The history of the bean sprout is rather old!

The bean sprout is said to have originated in the success of sprouting vegetable seeds after mankind found for the first time that they grew out.
Regarding the way of the germination, the widely accepted theory is that it was propagated generally after it was introduced from the Middle East region ( Balkan and Southwestern Asia ) and Eastern Mediterranean to the Chinese region via Eastern Iraq region and Turkestan region.
The mankind found storable food, provided it all the time, and preserved its seed. So the way of the cultivation from the seed also made great contributions to the development of the communal life.

How about Japanese history of the bean sprout?

In Japan the bean sprout was introduced asu–ั–็”Vv( Moyashi ) inu–{‘˜a–ผv( Honsowamyo ), the oldest book about medical plants written in Heian era. It seemed to be grown as a medicine.
w˜aŠฟŽOห}‰๏x( Wakansansaizue ) written in Edo era says that the palsy, painful affection of the knee, and muscular cramp are healed when you produce bean sprouts from black matpes, evaporate their 15cm-long sprouts, parch them well, then take.
Originally the bean sprout was mainly used as a medicine. It has come to be delivered to the Chinese restaurants with the appearance of the specialized producers in big cities since the end of Meiji era. Gradually the flavor of the bean sprout has become familiar as common taste.

Legend? Fact? In any case necessary food

We have a story about the bean sprout. It says that in Nanbokucho era the military commander, MASASHIGE KUSUNOKI, gave the sprouts of the bean to his soldiers when they were besieged in CHIHAYA and AKASAKA castle, and they put up with the close enclosure of the enemy line.
Recently when Suez crisis occurred, British forces in Arabia asked for help to the nutritionist of the homeland as they were at a complete loss with the lack of the vegetable. After the research, they sent soy beans to produce " bean sprout " for eating.

Briefly word!!

I planted Japanese cinnamon in my garden, in connection with MASASHIGE KUSUNOKI who used the bean sprout, appreciating the merit of it.
The leaves of it are green all year and become the material of camphor.
It is suit for the garden tree due to be mothproof.
I have heard that northern range of its inhabitation is around Tochigi and Fukushima. Many old families in Tochigi have the Japanese cinnamon in the garden for some reason.

Since around 1905, the traders for producing the bean sprout have become extensive in big cities with the port including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Kobe. Then the nutrition value of the vegetable was taken up widely and the housewives, who are in charge of the kitchen, came to request clean vegetables and modern diet. So the consumption and the traders of the bean sprout increased day by day. Finally this movement reached to the deployment for the producing " bean sprout " by about one thousand traders of over forty unions based on prefectural and the city governments.
From 1946 to October 1949, however, the traders were forced to stop the work due to the lack of the materials such as mung bean and soy bean. At that time all traders grew mung bean sprout, which did not keep good, so there was no bean sprout in that summer.
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry immediately took measures, such as selling out the mung beans produced in US, to meet the situation with few vegetables. So producing the bean sprout came to find a place in the sun and Japan got the power to contend with painful period.
The traders kept building up their strength to solidify the organization through contacting each other and pouring their efforts into forming nationwide organization. It included the making the cooperative union and the transition of it to the industry union. As a result of that, the big nationwide body like these days was formed and direct dealing with the local origin. So the time has come to " produce the sprout " without concerning about purchasing the material.

What is the origin of " bean sprout "?

It was named after the meaning which is " growing out " the sprout, growing young sprout rapidly.

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